DES Title I Services

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, Dixon Elementary School will no longer have a targeted assistance Title 1 program. Dixon Elementary School has met the qualifications to have a school-wide Title 1 program.

There are links from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will explain what a school-wide program is, will answer common questions about the school-wide program, and will compare the two programs.

The goal of this change is to raise academic achievement for all Dixon Elementary Students by providing more opportunities for small group instruction. Our Kindergarten, First, and Second grades have implemented the “Pathways to Reading” (PTR) program and all students receive “whole” group and “small” group instruction. The groupings will change periodically based upon student assessment results. All small groups will be using the “Pathways to Reading” instruction program. Our Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades are participating in “Response to Intervention” (RTI) instruction that has “whole” and “small” group instruction. These groupings change every 2 weeks based upon student assessment data. In all grade levels the Title teachers participate in the instruction of small groups.

Pathways to Reading (PTR) is a Phonics/Reading Program used mainly in Kindergarten through Second Grade, but can be used in upper grades for students who are struggling with phonics/reading key skills.
See site for more information: www.pathwaystoreading.com/about/

Student are assessed three times a year using the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) Next Assessment.
See site more information: https://dibels.uoregon.edu/docs/dibelsparentguide.pdf

Students are assess four time a year using the STAR Reading Assessment. STAR Reading Assessments are computer adaptive to adjust to each student's unique responses.
See Parent Guide for more information: www.renaissance.com/Resources/Parents

Highly Qualified Teachers
According to our certification records in the Superintendent's office, all staff at Dixon Elementary during the 2014 - 2015 school years are certified as highly qualified teachers in the areas for which they teach. This includes our federal programs such as Title, Special Education, Parents As Teachers (PAT), Para-professionals, and all teaching staff.