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SISK12 Production
Student Information System for teacher/staff access.

SISK12 Parent Portal
Parent Portal for parent access to grades and lunch accounts. A signed contract must be on file before we can set up an account for you. If you have not received an application and contract for our parent portal, please contact your child's building principal.
SISK12 Student Portal

ACT Registration
Students can create student web accounts, register for ACT 24/7, check on test dates & scores, plus many other services and options are available. Our school code is 260-870. (Counselor still has registration packets in the office. Free ACT Prep booklets are also available. The library has ACT materials for check out.)

Collegenet is a great place to start if you already know something about the scholarship you are looking for. Enter a series of keywords to find all scholarships that contain those same words in their name or description.

Dixon Athletic Booster Club
Buy bulldog merchandise, view minutes from meetings, find the club's constitution, and join the club all from this site.

Dixon R-1 Google Apps Site
Google Apps sign-on site for Dixon R-I Staff.

EAT Online
The Educational Alignment Tool Online (EATOnline) is a software package that enables Missouri school districts to create curriculum, and then align that curriculum to the Missouri state standards. Reports can be run on that aligned curriculum and compared to the results of standardized tests to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum and to identify opportunities for improvement.

This website will allow students to search for scholarships online.

High School Yearbook
This site allows access to purchase an HS Yearbook online.

A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships and academic scholarships from colleges across the country.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
This site is published by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). It provides information about Missouri's public schools, the responsibilities of the State Board of Education, and the services of the Department.

PTA Box Tops Project

Create a Scholarships.com profile and get personalized information on college scholarships and grants that match you!

School Soup
Provides students and their parents with direct access to the world's largest scholarship database along with college and career information.

Student Scholarship
List of College Scholarships and Applications

2014-15 School Accountability Report Card
This site gives information regarding the Dixon R-I School District's information as compared to the state averages.