Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit in the DHS Classrooms:

  • DC Language Arts IV with Mr. Novak (MO State University) - $420 plus application fee (6 hours- ½ due in Aug.)
  • DC Chemistry II with Mrs. Keeton (Drury University) - $280 (4 hours due in January)
  • DC American History I & II with Mr. King (Drury University) we believe it will be close to MO State above fee
NOTE: Must have sufficient ACT test scores – 21 on ACT/77 on COMPASS

ON – Line in ALC Classroom:

  • ART 105 Art History II (3 credits) Bus 115 Personal Finance (3 credits)
  • CIS 101 Personal Computer Applications (3 credits) MTH 130 College Algebra (3 credits)
  • PHY 100 Introduction to Astronomy (4 credits) PHY 105 Introduction to Physics (4 credits)
  • PHY 110 Introduction to Geology (4credits)
  • PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology- should be taking or taken DC LA IV
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology – should be taking or taken DC LA IV
  • SPN 101 Beginning Spanish I
NOTE: Must have sufficient ACT and/or COMPASS test score…CLASSES start August 17th – based on their schedule, not DHS.
Cost depends on the class, $35.00 per credit hour plus on-line fee of $65.00 (Most classes will run $170.00 or so)

Dual Enrollment @ OTC – in person

  • Attend three classes in-person each morning @ OTC. (DHS periods 1 – 4)- 9 credit hours per semester
  • Must provide own transportation- or at least return………………COST IS $169 per credit hour (3-hour class = $557 with fees)
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA and proper ACT/COMPASS scores and NO Discipline/Attendance problems.
  • ALL BOOKS ARE PAID BY DISTRICT & returned to district. BOE reimburse all students for ½ of the tuition cost paid if the student gains an A or B.