Dixon High School 9th & 10th Grade

Fall Planning meeting – Class Info - College/Career- A+ Scholarship

Dirty Dozen for Freshman/Sophomores

  1. It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan your career – 82 % need more than DHS.
  2. Take challenging high school courses and do your best academically. Stay off the ICU list! Attend free tutoring to master the best grades possible.
  3. Get involved in clubs, sports, and organizations. Start a comprehensive listing of all memberships, activities, awards and community service you are involved in.
  4. Become familiar with college entrance requirements, Two College Day visits are allowed for 10th graders—yellow sheet must be complete a week in advance.
  5. Plan to attend summer camps at a college to experience a college-like atmosphere.
  6. Research Colleges – start with the DHS College Fair on September 26th-go on visits during weekend events.
  7. Become familiar with “Financial Aid” components. Continue to save for college—research the Missouri “MOST” plan. (Source Book)
  8. If considering seeking a Sports Scholarship, start packaging your stats and such now so that you can contact the colleges during your junior year. You will need to drive that!
  9. Sign up for A+ Tonight! A+ is one of the BEST Scholarships going.
  10. Explore a possible career by attending WCC (small book)—Job Shadowing as an 11th grader.
  11. Practice ACT assessments by going to ACT.org under assessments. If college bound, you can take the ACT in the spring of this year or for sure your sophomore year. Need in THREE years! It can take 12 times during high school. All 9th Graders will take Pre-ACT on Nov. 21st, all 10th graders will take it on April 4th.
  12. As an upperclassman; can participate in dual credit college classes if sufficient GPA and ACT. Also have FLEX, which is a “School to Work” program for seniors.

Thanks for coming!

Mrs. Carol Kirk – Counselor Mrs.

Trish McCray – A+/Curriculum