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Dixon R-1 Schools


 Student Athletic Handbook





The Dixon High School Athletic Department will be conducting parent and athlete meetings for all 7-12 grade students who plan to participate in sports during the school year.  One parent/guardian must attend this meeting with their son or daughter.  A student will not be allowed to play in a game, match, or contest if their parent/guardian does not attend.  The focus of the meeting concerns eligibility, sportsmanship, and the student code of conduct.


There will be three meetings for parents and athletes which will be held prior to their activities first contest.  Parents and athletes are required to attend only one of the meetings.  All athletes who plan to participate in a fall, winter, or spring sport should attend one of these meetings with their parent or guardian.



Important Names


Dixon High School........................................................ 759-7163


H.S. Principal – Brian Foerster


Athletic Director – Steve Scholfield


M.S. Principal – Mark Parker




Introduction............................................................................... 1

Philosophy................................................................................ 1

Goal Statements....................................................................... 1

Responsibilities....................................................................... 1

Basic Guidelines for Participation....................................... 2

Code of Ethics.......................................................................... 3

Student Drug Testing Policy………………………………4

Sexual Harassment and Hazing…………………………..5

Care of Equipment and Uniforms........................................ 5

Sportsmanship Standards.................................................... 5

Eligibility..................................................................................... 6

Conditioning........................................................................... 12

Physical Exams..................................................................... 12

Athletic Awards...................................................................... 12

Athletic Lettering................................................................... 12

Supervision Policy................................................................ 13

Conference Affiliation........................................................... 13

Sports by Season.................................................................. 14

Parent/Coach Communication.......................................... 15

Admission Prices and Passes........................................... 17

Booster Club Information.................................................... 18

Athletic Commitment Form


Welcome to the Dixon High School athletic program.  We hope your experience as a student-athlete will be educational, rewarding, and challenging.  Athletics are one of the vehicles to teach you some of the many life skills you will need to become a successful member of society.  We encourage you to participate in as many programs as your time and talent will permit.  Due to conflicts in seasons, practice times, schedules, etc., some choices will have to be made by you.  Good luck as you strive to grow emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically through athletics.



The Board of Education believes that individual students shall have the opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through experience in self-discipline and contribution to a team effort made possible through competitive interscholastic athletics.  A competitive athletic program shall be conducted in the school district to further develop students as competitors and spectators through friendly interschool competition.  The purpose of the program is to develop leadership, good sportsmanship, personality development, new friendships, and friendly rivalries with other schools.  The Board will provide interscholastic athletic competition for secondary school students (7-12) in a variety of sports.  Students will be allowed to participate in the individual sports on the basis of ability, academic performance, physical condition, and desire.  Qualified professional staff will be provided for coaching, and the supervision of all athletic events.



Student athletics shall be an integral part of the total secondary educational program which shall provide experiences not otherwise provided and which will help students to acquire additional knowledge, skills, and emotional patterns necessary as attributes of good citizenship.



As a student, you are in school to secure the best high school education you are capable of achieving.  Deciding to participate in athletics plays a significant part in your total educational development.  However, with this decision also comes certain responsibilities, if the value of athletic activities is to be achieved, namely:


  1. Striving to achieve sound citizenship and desirable social traits, including emotional control, honesty, cooperation, dependability, and respect for others and their abilities.
  2. Maintaining academic, citizenship, and eligibility standards as established by the MSHSAA and Dixon R-1 Schools.
  3. Learning the spirit of hard work and sacrifice.
  4. Learning to attain physical fitness through good health habits.
  5. Desiring to excel to the limits of your potential.
  6. Showing respect for both authority and property.
  1. Be willing to accept the leadership role that is instilled through the athletics program.


In High School male students are free to participate in any of the 7 athletic activities offered for boys.  Female students are free to participate in any of the 9 athletic activities offered for girls.  In Jr. High School boys are free to participate in any of the 4 athletic activities and girls in any of the 5 activities offered.  If at any time during the school year a conflict exists between two sports activities the student will be provided the opportunity to select the activity in which they plan to participate.  When these conflicts occur students are not to be penalized by the activity not attended.  If a conflict occurs between a school activity (i.e. band, choir) and an extra-curricular (sports) activity the sponsors, parents and students will come to a compromise on what the student shall attend.


The district provides transportation for athletes and appropriate staff to all school sponsored activities.  All athletes must take such transportation to each event.  Parents may sign out and transport their son/daughter following an event.  Likewise a parent may give his/her permission to another parent, in writing, who is transporting their own son/daughter from an event to transport his/her son/daughter when schedules and/or conflicts prohibit them from providing that transportation.  A signed letter must be given directly to the coach stating exactly which parent the athlete may ride with from an event.  Student athletes are not allowed to transport themselves or other student athletes to and from contests.


If it is necessary to be absent from practice, the student is expected to obtain permission from the coach prior to the absence from the scheduled practice.  Each coach has specific consequences for missing practice not related to medical necessity.  These consequences will be given to the athletes in writing prior to the start of practice. 


Students must be in attendance a minimum of 7 period hours to participate in any activity for that day or the day prior if the activity is on a non-school day.  Students must also be in attendance 7 period hours the next school day following an event they participated in.  Exceptions are granted with principal or athletic director approval only (pre-arranged doctor or dental appointments, medical emergencies, or a death in the family).  If a student comes to school and during the day visits the nurse and is sent home; they may not return or participate that day. If the student is not in attendance for 7 periods following the activity, the student will not be allowed to participate in the next activity/competition.


In the event the student is suspended, the student will not be eligible to participate (including games, practices, and meetings) during the suspension period.  This includes successive days of ISS.  A student may not miss an afternoon detention to participate in a practice or contest.  If a student is in ISS or detention, and the team leaves school before the end of the school day they will not be allowed to leave with the team. Thus, the student would be ineligible to participate in the contest.


Students must maintain the status of a “Credible Citizen” which will be outlined under the CODE OF ETHICS section.


To protect eligibility, only students in those grade levels that are permitted to compete may manage at that level. Elementary students will not manage for middle or high school sports. Middle school students will not manage for high school sports. Also, 6th grade students will not manage for 7th and 8th grade sports.





Students who represent our school in interscholastic activities must be credible citizens and judged so by the proper school administrator.  Those students whose character or conduct is such to reflect discredit upon themselves or our school will not be considered “credible citizens.”  Conduct shall be satisfactory in accord with the standards of good discipline.  THIS IS A YEAR ROUND COMMITMENT.


A student who commits an act for which charges may be or have been filed by law enforcement authorities under any municipal ordinance, misdemeanor or felony statute shall not be eligible until all proceedings with the legal system have been concluded and any penalty (i.e. Jail time, fine, court costs, ect.) or special conditions of probation (i.e. restitution, community service, counseling, ect.) has been satisfied.  If law enforcement authorities determine that charges will not be filed, eligibility will be contingent upon school policies. (IAW: MSHSAA Student Essential By-law 2.2.2)


Each student is responsible to notify the school principal or athletic director of any and all situations that would affect his/her eligibility under the standards of MSHSAA by-laws and school policy.  This is to include any instance where drugs or alcohol were involved, whether or not charges/tickets will or will not be pressed/issued.  If the student does not notify the school of the situation prior to the school’s discovery, then the student shall be ineligible for up to 365 days from the date of discovery, pending review of the MSHSAA Board of Directors. (IAW: MSHSAA Student Essential By-law 2.2.5)


Any school related suspension would result in suspension from any activity scheduled during the school suspension.



The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, the illegal use of drugs, prescription and/or non-prescription, and the use of imitation tobacco is known to be detrimental to the individual as well as the team he/she represents.  Therefore, disciplinary action will be taken.


An athlete will be in violation of this policy if it:

  1. Occurs on school property or at a school-sponsored event (whether on or away from school property).
  2. Is reported or confirmed by a law enforcement agency.
  3. The athlete is caught by a faculty member.


An athlete in violation of this rule will be suspended from MSHSAA recognized activities for:

1st Offense:         10 contests

2nd Offense:        25 contests


NOTE:     To be considered a second offense, a violation must occur within 365 days of the first offense.  The contest suspensions WILL be carried to the next season if necessary to fulfill the entire suspension period. Forfeited or canceled contests will NOT count toward the total contests suspended.


The management of a co-curricular activity is the responsibility of the coach or sponsor, who is in charge of the selection of participants and the extent of their participation.  Each coach/sponsor may also establish additional written guidelines for their activities.  These guidelines shall be presented orally and in written format.  A copy of such guidelines shall be kept on file with the building principal or activities director.


Notwithstanding any provision of this policy or any other district policy, the district reserves the right to enhance or reduce the penalties associated with a violation of the policy based upon the nature, severity, and frequency of the offense.


Student Drug Testing Policy

The Board of Education recognizes the importance of protecting the health and safety of students from the use of illegal drugs, performance-enhancing drugs and alcohol.  The purpose of this policy is to help prevent substance abuse among students, to encourage treatment for students with substance abuse problems, and to ensure that students have the opportunity to attend school and participate in activities in a fair, safe, and healthy environment.


Random Drug Testing- Participation in MSHSAA activities, school clubs, and parking on school lots are privileges and carry with them the responsibility to adhere to high standards of conduct, including refraining from the use of illegal drugs, performance-enhancing drugs, and alcohol.  The District will conduct random drug testing of students in grades 7-12 as a condition of participation in covered activities.  Covered activities are activities regulated by MSHSAA, school clubs and parking in school parking lots. 


Student who test positive through this random testing program will be excluded from participation in covered activities, clubs, and have parking privileges revoked as follows:

            First Offense: Exclusion from all covered activities for a minimum of 30 calendar days.  Student must also pass a drug test administered by the District prior to participating in covered activities again.

            Second Offense: Exclusion from all covered activities for a minimum of 90 calendar days.  Student must also pass a drug test administered by the District prior to participating in covered activities again.

            Third and Subsequent Offenses: Exclusion from all covered activities for 365 calendar days. Student must also pass a drug test administered by the District prior to participating in covered activities again.


Refusal to submit or falsifying results: A student that refuses to submit for drug testing notified of the need to do so, engages in conduct that clearly obstructs the testing process, or takes deliberate action to falsify results will be suspended from all covered activities for 1 calendar year and will forfeit eligibility for all awards and honors given for covered activities from which the student was suspended.


The complete Drug testing policy can be located in the Athletic Directors Office, Principals Office or at the Superintendent’s Office.



Sexual harassment or hazing are unwanted behaviors that interfere with the task at hand and creates an atmosphere of intimidation.  Therefore, sexual harassment or hazing of any nature will not be tolerated.  When such behavior is brought to the attention of the coach, it will be directed to the building principal and may result in possible dismissal from the team and/or suspension from school.



In order to give the student a sense of responsibility and an appreciation of his/her equipment, each student will be held accountable for the damage or loss of that equipment.  Any equipment lost or stolen must be paid for by the student in whose name it was checked out.  No athlete will be allowed to compete in another sport until all equipment obligations are cleared up.  Seniors will not be allowed to participate in graduation until all equipment obligations are cleared up.


The following guidelines, if adhered to, will reduce the chances of lost or stolen equipment.


  1. Do not exchange or loan any of the equipment checked out to you to another teammate.
  2. Except when you are in visual contact, keep your locker closed and locked at all times.
  3. Any loss of equipment should be reported immediately to the head coach, rather than waiting until the end of the season.
  4. Any protective equipment that does not fit properly or that has any defective parts should be reported to a coach immediately. Do not wear the equipment until the necessary adjustments have been made.This is for your protection.





Dixon R-1 players, coaches, and fans will:

  • Regard game officials as fair, accept their decisions as final, and treat officials with respect.
  • Respect the property of our schools and other schools.
  • Cheer for their team.
  • Treat the opponent’s coaches, players, and fans with respect.
  • Show appreciation of good play by both teams.
  • Accept the decisions and judgments of the coaches.
  • Wear T-shirts/clothing that display positive language and school spirit.
  • Remain off the field/court before, during, and after events both home and away.
  • Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of good sportsmanship at all times.


Dixon R-1 players, coaches, and fans will refrain from:

  • Actions that will offend, embarrass, or intimidate any individual athlete.
  • Actions that will call attention to yourself.
  • Taunts, chants, noises, cheers, jeers, song, profanity, or motions directed at the opposing team, coach, or school.
  • Throwing objects.
  • Displaying negative or derogatory signs of any type.


Failure to comply with these Sportsmanship Standards may result in your removal from the site of competition and may result in further disciplinary action.


The Dixon R-1 School District grounds are a tobacco-free environment.  Board policy states that the Dixon R-1 School District bans the use of all tobacco products in all school facilities, buildings and buses.


A school may be suspended from membership in the MSHSAA and from participating in interscholastic activities with other member schools for the un-sportsmanship like conduct at games both at home and away.  Please support the players in a positive manner rather than possibly placing them in a position of being penalized for un-sportsmanship like conduct.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the spirit of high school athletics.



The Missouri State High School Activities Association, of which The Dixon R-1 School District is a member, is a voluntary, non-profit, educational association of junior and senior high schools established for the purpose of working cooperatively in adopting standards for supervising and regulating interscholastic activities and contests.  One of the primary functions of the MSHSAA is to establish eligibility standards that must be met by all students to sustain the privilege of representing their school in interscholastic activities.  Eligibility is a privilege to be granted by the school of the student.  Eligibility is NOT A STUDENT’S RIGHT BY LAW.  Precedents setting legal cases have determined that eligibility is a privilege to be granted only if the student meets all standards adopted by the school.

Listed below is some information to acquaint you with the major rules and regulations you must follow in order to protect your eligibility.


  1. Bona Fide Student
  • In order to represent your school, you must be a bona fide student and meet all eligibility requirements. You must be enrolled in and regularly attending classes at the member school you wish to represent and you must meet the academic requirements in MSHSAA By-Law 2.3 and those of your local school.
  • Citizenship
  • You must be a creditable citizen.  Creditable citizens are those students whose conduct - both in school and out of school - will not reflect discredit upon themselves or their school.
  • NOTE: Conduct involving law enforcement must be reported to your principal or athletic director immediately as your conduct may affect eligibility or contest outcomes.
  1. Sportsmanship
  • If you commit an unsportsmanlike act while participating in an event, you could become ineligible.
  • A student may be eligible at the public or nonpublic school located in the district in which the student's parents reside. In the case of a public multiple-school district, a student may be eligible at the school designated for the student to attend by the board of education.


  • Academics

  • At the end of a quarter, you must not have any F’s or below a 2.0 GPA for the quarter.If you fall into this area, you will not be allowed to participate in contests until the grade check at mid-quarter shows you have no F’s and your GPA is higher then 2.0.
  • All Student Athletes must attend mandatory study hall 2 hours a week.
  • For your current semester, you must be enrolled in and regularly attending courses that offer 3.0 units of credit or 80% of the maximum allowable credits which may be earned at your school, whichever is GREATER.
  • Credits earned or completed after the close of the semester will not fulfill this requirement.  Summer high school courses for FALL academic eligibility may count provided the course is necessary for graduation or promotion or is a core subject course, and credit is placed on the school transcript. No more than one unit of credit in summer school shall be counted toward fall eligibility. 
  • Students promoted for the first time into 9th grade are considered academically eligible for the first semester after promotion.
  • Do not drop courses without first consulting with your school principal, athletic director and counselor to determine whether doing so will affect your eligibility.



  • Semesters of Participation

  • You are eligible to participate in any sport for a maximum of four seasons (an exception is in place for schools sponsoring baseball or softball in both the fall and spring). Any part of a contest played during a season counts as a season of participation.
  • Your eligibility to participate in high school activities begins when you first enter the 9th grade and lasts for the next eight consecutive semesters (four consecutive years).



  • Age Limits
  • If you reach 19 years of age prior to July 1, you will be ineligible the next school year.
  • Over-aged 8th graders should be moved up to the senior high team to have eight semesters of eligibility.



  • Entering School
  • You must enter school within the first 11 days of the semester in order to be eligible that semester.



  • Recruiting of Athletes
  • You will be ineligible for your career at a school if you are influenced by a person to attend that school for athletic or activities purposes. You may, however, return to your original school and be ineligible for no more than 365 days.



  • Playing Under a False Name
  • If you compete under an assumed or false name, you immediately become ineligible for up to 365 days.



  • Amateur and Award Standards
  • An athlete must maintain “amateur standing” 365 days a year in the sport concerned in order to participate in interscholastic athletics – the following restrictions govern the receipt of awards in both interscholastic play AND non-school competition/participation.
  • After entering a member school, you will become ineligible in the sport concerned if you receive any of the following PROHIBITED awards for participating in an athletic contest or being an athlete:
  • An award of cash, a gift-certificate/gift-card or an award that is the equivalent of cash is PROHIBITED for amateurs.
  • Merchandise which exceeds a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $100 is PROHIBITED for amateurs.  However, there is no value limit in regard to awards which are symbolic in nature, such as medals, ribbons, trophies, plaques, etc.


    Awards should be approved in advance by your school.

  • Commemorative jewelry may be presented by the school (i.e. championship ring or necklace) (no value limit).



  • Non-School Competition
  • You may not practice for, or participate with, a non-school team or in any organized non-school athletic competition and for your school team in the same

    sport during the school sport season. Contact your school's athletic director for specific details in regard to the sports of swimming, tennis, track, cross county, and golf.

  • You may participate on a school team and a non-school team in different sports during the same season; however, you may not practice for the non-school team or participate in organized non-school athletic competition on the same day that you practice with or participate for the school team without prior approval of your school administrator.
  • You must receive approval in advance from your school principal or athletic director in order to miss school time to practice for, travel to or compete in organized non-school athletic competition.
  • You will become ineligible in any sport in which you play as a member of a junior college, college or university team.
  • Before you join a non-school team or enter any non-school athletic event, your school principal or athletic director should be consulted to make certain these standards are met.


    Camps and Clinics

  • During the school year outside of the school sport season, you may attend a non-school sponsored specialized sports camp(s) or group instruction, provided: it does not result in any loss of school time, attendance does not occur within seven (7) days of the start of the school sport season for the sport concerned, it is not a team camp, no competition occurs other than limited scrimmaging, and no member of the coaching staff of the school you attend (or will attend) is involved in any way.
  • During the school sport season, you may attend a school or non-school sponsored specialized sports camp(s) or group instruction provided a school coach attends with you, camp attendance does not result in any loss of school time, it is not a team camp, there is no competition other than limited scrimmaging, and a school administrator approves your participation.
  • You or your parents must pay all camp/clinic fees, tuition and other related expenses. A scholarship or waiver of fees shall result in the loss of your eligibility. The school may provide transportation at no cost during the summertime or during the school sport season.
  • 9



    Note: Before attending any specialized athletic camp(s)/clinic(s) or group sport instruction, you should consult with your school principal or athletic director to make sure it meets the criteria published in the MSHSAA Official Handbook.



  • College Auditions and Tryouts
  • You may participate in a college tryout, audition or evaluation event for a specific sport outside the school season of the sport concerned.
  • You may not miss school time to travel to or participate in the event unless your absence is approved in advance by the school administrator.
  • You may not miss a MSHSAA-sponsored postseason athletic event to participate in or travel to and from the event.
  • You may only attend one evaluation event by invitation per sport during the school year. You may attend any number of "open" evaluations.
  • NOTE: See your administrator before signing up and agreeing to attend any such events.



  • All-Star Games
  • An all-star event is one in which an individual is invited to participate due to his or her high school achievements.
  • You may not compete in an all-star game or contest before you complete your eligibility in the sport concerned. Participation in an all-star game or contest before ending your high school eligibility will result in you becoming ineligible to participate in any high school sport.
  • A senior with no high school eligibility remaining for a specific sport may participate in no more than two All-Star games for that sport prior to summer. Discuss the event with your administrator before agreeing to play.



  • Residence Requirements
  • If your conduct as a spectator is found to be unsportsmanlike, you could be barred from attending any further high school contests.
  • The unsportsmanlike conduct of any spectator, regardless of age, could cause that spectator to be barred from attending school contests.


  1. Contact with Coaches

No-Contact Periods

  • All Sports: The seven days prior to the first allowable practice date each season is a no-contract period in which no "contact" takes place between school coaches and students enrolled in the member school, or who will be enrolled in the member school during the upcoming school year.


16. Transferring Schools

  • If you transfer schools, you will be ineligible for 365 days, unless you meet one of the exceptions listed in the MSHSAA Residence and Transfer Rules. Make an appointment with the school's athletic director to review these exceptions. Several, but not all, are described below.

    Exception 1: If you move with your entire family to your new school district, you will be eligible at your new school provided you were eligible in all other respects at your former school and provided there are no other issues with the transfer. You and your entire family must move to the new residence at the same time prior to attending classes.

  • Always check with your school principal or athletic director before you transfer to determine whether it will affect your eligibility.
  • Discipline follows a student to a new school. Transferring while under suspension will cause you to be ineligible for 365 days. Being expelled from a school also causes 365 days of ineligibility for a student.
  • Exception 2: A student may be eligible immediately at the school of his or her choice upon first being promoted from the 8th grade into the 9th grade, provided the student is eligible in all other respects.
  • Exception 10: Foreign Exchange Students are eligible for varsity competition for one year only and only if they are seniors (semester 7 or 8), provided they are participating in an exchange program listed by CSIET. However, no member of the school's coaching staff for the sport concerned may serve as a host family.
  • You shall become ineligible for 365 days if you transfer to another school for athletic reasons.


17. Graduated Students

  • You will be ineligible to participate after graduation from a senior high school. Students who are granted an early release after their junior year are ineligible for further participation. (NOTE: You are eligible to participate in state-series events which extend beyond the date of your school’s graduation at the end of the spring semester of your senior year.)


  1. In order for any student/athlete to consider a NCAA Division I or II College, he/she must be processed through the NCAA clearinghouse.  This process should be started during his/her junior year.  See your guidance counselor for more information.


REMINDER: Any questions pertaining to eligibility that are not answered above should be brought to the attention of your athletic director.





Proper sports conditioning will improve the power, speed, and endurance of an athlete.  Statistics indicate that sports conditioning will assist in preventing injury.  Year-round conditioning can increase athletic performance considerably.  Opportunities are provided for athletes at Dixon High School to be involved in year-round conditioning.  Make certain to consult with your coaches immediately if any injury does occur.


Each team must have 14 days of conditioning practice and each individual must have participated in 14 school conditioning practices on 14 different days prior to the date of the first interscholastic contest in all sports except fall softball and golf which require 10 days.  This requirement is waived if the athlete has been a member of another school sports team immediately preceding the new sport season and within 7 days of finishing the other season.



Athletic By-Law 309 (a) in the MSHSAA handbook states:  The school shall require of each student participating in athletics, a physician’s certificate stating that he or she is physically able to participate in athletic contests.  The medical certificate is valid for the purpose of this rule if issued after February 1st of the previous year.  This certificate must be on file in the athletic office before the student will be allowed to practice with any of the Dixon High School athletic teams.


Athletic By-Law 309 (b) in the above handbook states: A student shall not be permitted to practice or compete for a school until it has verification that he or she has basic athletic insurance coverage. (Also on file.)




A certificate will be presented to Jr. Varsity and Freshman athletes each time they meet the participation requirements in a sport and are recommended by the head coach to receive the participation certificate award.



To be eligible for a letter, an athlete must complete the season in good standing (injuries or ill health are exceptions) and be properly released by the coach. Qualifications to letter will be kept on file in the athletic director's office. Before the start of each season the requirements for lettering will be reviewed by the coach.



No individual student or team shall be permitted to participate in events without being accompanied and supervised by a representative of the school faculty or administrative staff. This includes use of any school building, weight room, gym, band room, class rooms and hallways.  Coaches/faculty are responsible for the supervision of their team while on the bus traveling to and from events, while at the events, while at eating establishments on the way home from events, and until their student’s arrive at school.  This includes but is not exclusive to: practices, meetings, contests, and bus transportation.


Sponsorship includes the coach riding the bus and supervising the activity that he/she coaches.  Sponsorship may necessitate the coach getting assistance from his/her assistant coach.  It is the responsibility of the coach to cover his/her events.



Dixon R-1 Schools is a member of the Frisco League Conference and as a member is committed to adhere to the rules and regulations of the conference.   The conference sports currently are: Baseball, Softball, Cross Country (girls & boys), Basketball (girls & boys), Golf (boys), Soccer (girls & boys), and Track (girls & Boys). Presently there are 9 schools in the Frisco League


                        CROCKER                           NEWBURG

                        DIXON                                   PLATO

                        IBERIA                                   RICHLAND

                        LAQUEY                               STOUTLAND          



In addition to competing for conference championships, an all-sports trophy is awarded to the school that has the best overall record in the conference sports.  Athletes can earn individual athletic all-conference honors.





Fall Activities for Boys                              Fall Activities for Girls

Soccer – V, JV                                              Softball – V, JV

XCountry – V, JV, Middle School             XCountry – V, JV, Middle School

Baseball – V, JV                                           Volleyball – V, JV

Basketball – Middle School                       Basketball – Middle School

                                                                        Cheerleading – Middle School



Winter Activities for Boys                        Winter Activities for Girls

Basketball – V, JV                                        Basketball – V, JV

Cheerleading – V                                        Cheerleading – V

                                                                     Pom Poms – V


Spring Activities for Boys                        Spring Activities for Girls

Baseball – V, JV                                           Soccer – V, JV

Golf – V, JV                                                   Track – V, JV, Middle School

Track – V, JV, Middle School                         Golf – V, JV

                                                                       Softball – V, JV

                                                                       Volleyball – Middle School




Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations.  By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide a greater benefit to students.  When your child becomes involved in our program, you, as a parent, have a right to understand what expectations are placed on your child.  This begins with clear communication from the coach of your child’s program.


Communications You Should Expect From a Coach


  1. Location and times of all practices and contests.
  2. Dixon R-1 School Districts policy on open practices states that parents may come to practice to show support for the programs.At NO time will parents be allowed to talk to athletes during practice time.If a parent needs to discuss something with their son/daughter they can do that after the scheduled practice time.Open gyms, pre-season conditioning, and summer camps are open to the public.If you have concerns about practice please contact the AD or principal.
  3. Team requirements, i.e. practices, special equipment, game day attire, off-season conditioning.
  4. Procedure should your child be injured during participation.
  5. Discipline that resulted in the denial of your child’s participation.


Communication Coaches Expect From Parents

  1. Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.


As your child becomes involved in the athletic program of Dixon High School, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives.  It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes.  At these times discussion with the coach is encouraged.


Keep in mind that you are in the public eye and your personal conduct always must be above reproach.  You have an obligation to create a favorable image and gain the respect of your teammates, the Dixon High School student body, and your community.


Neither, Parents or Coaches should have any derogatory conversations about the game or practice outside the scheduled conference times. Should this take place both parties will be given an initial warning about their conduct.  Both parents and coaches are subject to being restricted from attending games and practices should the need arise.  Extreme situations or repeated offences may call for the parents being banned from all competitions or the coach not being renewed after the season. 






It is very difficult to accept your child not playing as much as you may hope.  Coaches are professionals.  They make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all students involved.  As you have seen from the list above, certain things can be and should be discussed with your child’s coach.  Other things such as those listed next must be left to the discretion of the coach.


  1. Playing time.
  2. Team strategy.
  3. Play calling.
  4. Someone else’s child.



If You Have a Concern to Discuss With a Coach

There are situations that may require a conference between the coach, parent, athletic director and principal.  These are encouraged.  It is important that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the others position.  When these conferences are necessary, the following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern.


  1. Call, to set up an appointment with the coach.You may leave a message by calling Dixon High School at 759-7163.If the coach cannot be reached, call the athletic director or building principal and a meeting will be set up for you.


  2. Please do not attempt to confront a coach before, during, or after a game or practice.Wait until the next business day to set up an appointment to talk to the coach.These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach.Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution.


Since research indicates that a student involved in extra-curricular activities has a greater chance of success during adulthood, these programs have been established.  Many of the character traits required to be successful participants are exactly those that will promote a successful life after high school.  We hope the information provided within this handbook will allow you and your son or daughter to have an enjoyable and less stressful experience in the Dixon High School and Jr. High Athletic Programs.





The admission price to all Dixon High School athletic events is $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students.  Children pre-school or younger and citizens age 65 and over get in free.  Sport passes are available for purchase in the High School office or at the gate.  The individual pass allows the holder to be admitted to all home contests during the term of the pass.  The family pass allows the holder and his/her immediate family to be admitted to all home contests during the term of the pass.  School passes will not be accepted at district or state level contests or at any tournament.





The cost of the passes is as follows:


      High School student                           $10.00

      Adult individual                         $30.00

      Adult couple                                          $45.00

      Family                                                      $50.00





The ALL volunteer Booster Club with the support of a very generous community has raised over $30,000 to date.  This money has helped purchase such items as:


  • Weight, strength and conditioning equipment for all sports teams.
  • Softball pitching machine.
  • Temporary fence for the high school softball field.
  • “The Gun” shooting machine for the basketball programs.
  • Mats for the elementary school gym.
  • Volleyball equipment.
  • Soccer equipment (Back stop).
  • Track improvements.
  • Concession stand improvements.
  • Archery equipment
  • Wind Screen for Baseball Field
  • Basketballs



How Can I Help?  Your membership dues will work for you and the Dixon students.  If you have the time and interest, your participation in the monthly meetings and various fundraising efforts would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.


Membership forms can be picked up in the High School office, School Website or at the booster club stands at all home games.





________________________                                                            __________

 Athlete’s name (please print)                                                                Grade


Prior to participating in any practice or tryout sessions for any interscholastic sport, each athlete must successfully pass a physical exam by a registered physician and a copy of such exam must be on file in the High School Athletic Director’s office.  A physical exam is valid if issued on or after February 1 of the previous school year and is then good till the last day of school the following year.


Prior to participating in any MSHSAA and/or Dixon R-1 School District sponsored event each student athlete must have on file in the Athletic Director’s office the Athletic Commitment form with parent and student signatures.  As a student-athlete participating voluntarily in interscholastic athletics:

  1. I have read this Athletic Handbook and understand what MSHSAA and the Dixon R-1 School District expects from me in regards to sportsmanship, citizenship, scholastics, and staying free from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drug use while enrolled in this school.I understand the consequences for breaking MSHSAA and/or school policy and I will not do so while a Dixon R-1 School District student participant.I understand that this is a year-round (365 day) commitment.
  2. I will be responsible for all athletic equipment issued to me throughout the season (this includes uniforms), will return such equipment at the conclusion of the season, and will pay the current replacement cost for any equipment not accounted for by me at the end of the season.
  3. I acknowledge that I have been properly advised, cautioned and warned by administrative and coaching personnel of the school district that I am exposing myself to the risk of injury, including but not limited to the risk of sprains, fractures, and ligament and/or cartilage damage which could result in temporary or permanent, partial or complete impairment in the use of my limbs, brain damage, paralysis or even death.Having been so cautioned and warned, it is my desire to participate in sports and to do so with full knowledge of and understanding of the risk of injury.
  4. I along with my parents, certify that I have read and understand all of the school district’s athletic policies in the athletic handbook and MSHSAA eligibility standards.In order to be eligible for participation, I understand I must comply with all requirements listed.


Student Signature ______________________________   Date _____________

Parent Signature _______________________________   Date _____________

Home Phone Number ______________   Work Phone Number _____________

Emergency Phone Number _________________________________________


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